2017 Central Washington Chapter Awards

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Tyler Brooks Golf Professional of the Year, Bill Strausbaugh Award, Horton Smith Award, Patriot Award
Tyler Brooks
Pendleton CC

Assistant Professional of the Year
Barry Walters
Yakima Elks GC
Jason Aiche Teacher of the Year
& Youth Player Development Award

Jason Aichele
Meadow Springs CC

Robbie Player Development Award
Robbie Hendrickson
Three Lakes GC
PaulMerchandiser of the Year - Public
Paul Cobleigh
Suntides GC


Chris PetersonMerchandiser of the Year - Private
Chris Peterson
Meadow Springs CC


Brady Player of the Year
Brady Sharp
Walla Walla CC
KellySenior Player of the Year
Kelly DeShaw
Yakima Elks GC
Amateur Player of the Year
Brian Barton
Senior Amateur Player of the Year
Chris Indall

Chapter Champions

BradyChapter Championship
Brady Sharp
Walla Walla CC
LouieAmateur Chapter Championship Champion
Louie Quaempts
NickMatch Play Champion
Mark Lawrence

Senior Match Play Champion
Chris Repass

Clint Net Match Play Champion
Clint Ables