This years Antigua Cup will pit the top 10 qualifying professionals against the top 10 qualifying amateurs in a 27 hole Ryder Cup style match. These matches will take place on March 30th [event has been postponed] at Canyon Lakes Golf Course. A special thank you to Antigua for being our title sponsor, as well as Matt Mandell and his team at Canyon Lakes for hosting this awesome event!

Here are your teams:


Jason Aichele

Mike Kasch

Brad Elzie

Clint Ables

Kelly Deshaw

Paul Cobleigh

Mike Schoner

Robert Wample

Rob Clark

Craig Lanning


Brian Barton

Chris Indall

Arnell Garza

Spencer Ellis

Jack Eskildsen

Clayton Whitby

Joe Plaisance

Elliot Smith

Sota Nozaka

Heath Reeves